7-Day MINI Rainbow Pill organiser


Organised! Convenient! Portable! Stay on top of your regime!

  • Contains 7 individual coloured pill boxes for each day of the week.
  • Can be used separately for on-the-go activities.
  • Perfect for your small purse, jeans pockets or desk drawer to take those afternoon vitamins we tend to forget.
  • Each individual box has 2 compartment for pre-sorted medication: Day and Night, so you will never miss a dose again.
  • The translucent daily organisers allows easy viewing of the contents inside each compartment to ensure that no scheduled doses are forgotten. Makes pill management simple & precise.
  • Saves you time! Fill a week’s medication in one go with ease and simplicity.
  • Perfect for home, office, your bag, counter, or to take with you on a trip.
  • Made of Swiss SGS and US FDA approved material.




Size: 10.3 x 6 x 4.5cm
Material: Non-Toxic Plastic, BPA free PP (Polypropylene)


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