Welcome to the Active Life Shop.

We are a specialty shop offering innovative and lifestyle products to active seniors. The shop was born out of the need to look after our ageing parents, grandparents and senior members of our extended family. As the years roll by it is becoming clear that health, independence and the ability to travel freely are immediate concerns to our loved ones.

We believe ageing is simply a facet of our timeline a process we all go through and not a burden to our loved ones. Suitable ageing facilities and products empower our seniors to live positive, healthy, and independent lives. We endeavour to break the stereotype and revitalise the perspective towards ageing to create a more optimistic and abundant future. Ageing does not mean slowing down, a stagnant lifestyle or the expectation of frequent visits to local health care professionals.

Daily living aids need not be old or boring.

At the Active Life Shop we are proud to present a selection of items of quality, of good value, and usability in mind. We provide choices for the active senior to stay socially active and to pursue a vibrant and graceful life for the individual.

Our team is small and ready to help. So do please drop us a line if you have any questions on our Active Life products. All our orders are shipped direct from Carlingford NSW to any location in Australia.

At the Active Life Shop we are here to help you Stay Active, Independent and above all to Stay Happy!